Monday, March 22, 2010

"EDGE" wall at CPM

As you can see what started on Australia day at Coolangatta has grown. Several artists have offered their 'edges' and really got us asking interesting questions. Just when we think it's taking shape as a single work someone with a different style or take on the idea creates a detour and causes us to think outside the edges of the our comfortable'box'. This is an exciting part of collaboration. But how do we amalgamate all these 'takes' into a cohesive, understandable whole? Or do we? Are we any closer to the edge?
What's your 'edge'? What do all our 'edges'have in common? Are 'edges' to be feared? Is there an archetypal symbol, colour, etc. for the edge?
The wall at CPM is big. Come and collaborate.

1 comment:

Rob said...

If the instructions at the top of the 'Edge' image were removed and it was turned vertical..the Edge shape could now be seen as the crucifix symbol .. also...
I see it as an unfolded cube which ever direction it sits, that connects me to your reference of the "box".....and it's open