Friday, October 29, 2010

Studio Spaces

My studio was once our home. 5 meters by 5. It sits in the shade, hidden beneath a huge fig, surrounded by green. It's not only a place to make and print and draw, it is a space that provides solitude. This in turn provides clarity, dreaming, purpose, peacefulness and satisfaction. A young butcher bird sits on the window sill and calls out, the cows peer through the back windows and the pythons take up residence in the rafters when the summer comes.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Last seen at CPM "Refuge(e)" has reappeared in Brisbane at St John's Anglican cathedral as X CHANGE REFUGE(E). (note the small Afghan. prayer rug inside the shelter.)
This was one of the exhibits for B AWARE, an exhibition organised by the 8GG group. (8 milennium goals to fight world poverty)
The exhibition finishes this coming Wednesday (20th October) in case you're in Brisbane.
St John's is in Anne Street.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Between Falling

Still haven't got a shot of inside the shed -i'll have to do a clean-up- but here's another drawing. Falling off the roof recently co-incided with my discovery of the amazing phenomenon of the "morning glory". It's a rolling blue cloud that sweeps down from the gulf. Daredevils in their motorised gliders 'ride' it like a surfer does the wave.
Being a wuss I have to wait for a slippery ladder to offer me 'risk' & the moment of losing control. This moment, when you realise there's nothing you can do, interested me; so the drawing.
Glad you sorted the blog out, Edith. I heard you got some help from Babette. For those wondering, Babette is powering along with her treatment, bamboozling the staff at John Flynn with her positive artist's perspective & exploring a rich vein of creativity.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Floating studio

"Floating Studio"  14th Sept.

Small but cosy. Dropped anchor off the spit in Southport today after leaving Ballina early this morning. A light drizzle outside with a SW chop in the bay. A quiet time to wedge myself in the bow of the boat, letting thoughts and the days events work their way on paper. Another space to lose myself... absorbing the elements around me.