Monday, October 4, 2010

Between Falling

Still haven't got a shot of inside the shed -i'll have to do a clean-up- but here's another drawing. Falling off the roof recently co-incided with my discovery of the amazing phenomenon of the "morning glory". It's a rolling blue cloud that sweeps down from the gulf. Daredevils in their motorised gliders 'ride' it like a surfer does the wave.
Being a wuss I have to wait for a slippery ladder to offer me 'risk' & the moment of losing control. This moment, when you realise there's nothing you can do, interested me; so the drawing.
Glad you sorted the blog out, Edith. I heard you got some help from Babette. For those wondering, Babette is powering along with her treatment, bamboozling the staff at John Flynn with her positive artist's perspective & exploring a rich vein of creativity.

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