Friday, May 14, 2010

Off the Wall : Stage Two 13th May 2010

Confronting the painted over 'dance drawing ' from the previous week it was decided that each of those present, and any new arrival, 'danced' again but this time selected small areas instinctively appealing and developed them.
Bill used metho and a hair dryer to clean away, Karen and Michael drew and painted out.
Result: busy but musical with lots of 'EDGE' potential for our next visit...Friday the 20th

We Move Off The Wall

Robyn, Heather, Bill Karen and Michael 'dance' around the new paper (approx. 1800 x 1500) picking from the smorgasboard on The Wall. Then paint out hoping for Eureka moments next week.

New member hits The Wall

Karen from Coffs came to see what was happening at CPM and next thing she knew she was 'on the edge' and part of the Wall'
(the beauty of CPM)

Last breath from the living wall

much discussion about where to go now.....
decided to lay out some fresh paper and 'DANCE' with what we felt about The Wall.
...................see next post.

CPM's Living Wall keeps growing

compare the wall with earlier stages to see the changes
we're running out of room and feel that it's probably time to think about pulling it together

Friday, May 7, 2010

Chaos or eternity?

Posted this on my blog today -

Started a collaborative drawing today with four other people. Laid out sheets of white paper taped together, danced around each other with crayons, pastels and ink. Someone wrote on the wall chaos and eter and nity. Chaos/eternity? Is it one or the other or both?