Wednesday, June 23, 2010


EDGE Stage 3

Nearing a finish, maybe? Less obscure than "off the wall Stage2" (see earlier blog) A very strongly bonded session of drawing after animated discussion about inclusivity/ exclusivity. This , in my mind, raised an interesting questions, esp. for collaborative work . ie. Are the exclusive rights of ownership of a picture confined to the person(s) who started/did it?
Is collaborative art, by definition, the domain of anyone who 'gives themselves' to the process ie. engages with the work at any stage? And if problems arise during this process is it not the role of all concerned to deal with issues arising just as families, macro or micro, deal with their issues?

Is art about the artist, the work, or the process?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Peter Schardin - Current Exhibition

Peter Schardin - Landscape Allegory, Photographs & prints
Opening Saturday 12 June until 1 August 2010
My thoughts; it is about the connection one has
with the landscape,earth, ground, water etc. I dare say, the landscape has been a little misinterpreted at times and turned into a holy grail of religion,
mythology and environmental issues etc.

My interpretation is quite simple, it is about our
connection to earth, hence the absence of the
human form in my work. To me, the placement
of figures in a work may shift the importance
towards the figure, because the figure will
become a reference point and therefore detract
or maybe dominate the work.