Friday, May 14, 2010

Off the Wall : Stage Two 13th May 2010

Confronting the painted over 'dance drawing ' from the previous week it was decided that each of those present, and any new arrival, 'danced' again but this time selected small areas instinctively appealing and developed them.
Bill used metho and a hair dryer to clean away, Karen and Michael drew and painted out.
Result: busy but musical with lots of 'EDGE' potential for our next visit...Friday the 20th


Heather Matthew said...

starting to look musical even - shades of Paul Klee!

Babette Angell said...

I agree with Heather, the National Gallery in Washington had lots of Paul Klee works.
When I come back it's time to add Sammy's footprints!

michael said...

No additions made to Off the WALL: stage Two since May 13th.
A problem arises, especially with a collaboration like ours, when the work starts to look 'pretty'("musical", Klee). We hesitate to remind ourselves what it is we're trying to say . This, in my experience , is an excuse to avoid the difficult. In this case the 'difficult' is approaching too close to 'the edge'. Scared? Hey, it's art!! Go for it! there's a first aid box in the office.