Sunday, March 14, 2010

EDGE and the void

From Mental Health, Art and Transpersonal Experience 2


"Existentially and energetically, the edge is the state which we may approach intentionally or quite unconsciously in which there is a risk of being radically other than we are typically.
This can describe situations where physical death is imminent, social death is close (annihilation of the social self), the void is encountered, and all situations of entering a zone of *ineffable potential............................"
Dr. Ralph Locke

*ineffable- indescribable- incapable of being expressed in words.


lach said...

I'd have thought ineffable would have meant the state of being lost for effing words.
At least in australia.

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michael said...

Edges are where I tiptoe nervously or if I can't see them coming, trip and freefall.
I'm scared of approaching them but at the same time want to prepare myself for the BIG EDGE/VOID.
What are my edges?
Are they the same?