Sunday, June 1, 2008


Anne says…. what about a game of stamping everyone ? Post your favourite stamp image here (preferably a home made one) to see if we can have a virtual mini exhibition…You can upload images yourself or email your images to Tamsin (75 dpi) to do it for you.


anne said...

I guess you've all just got an elephant-sized artistic block ! By the way, what do you all do when you have a block ???? arty neighbour says she paints on small boxes...matchboxes, cosmetic boxes .... I liked this idea and wondered if anyone else had an interesting way of dealing with it. I usually do something very detailed like stitching,squiggling or gluing. The other block shifter is sketching or doodling the idea in as many different ways as I can. Hmmm

michael said...

if art is life is art then one shouldn't believe in blocks or one would stop breathing..
just thinking out loud michael

if all else fails take the dog for a walk or if the dog doesn't want to go ask him what to do. Dogs know!

anne said...

There must be something in that...we have woken nearly every day this week to a huge pile of poo in the laundry ...the dog is definitely the dog theme continues... dog stamps anyone ?

Tamsin Ainslie said...

Cusi-dog keeps wandering away and leaving- what does that say??!!