Monday, May 19, 2008

Welcome to the very first CPM blog!

A place where all CPM members can upload images, discuss work, write about news, make comments, become involved, be inspired, post upcoming exhibitions and events, or just keep in touch...

Here is a very rough print of Cusi-Dog (you can see I have a long way to go) who is my main subject for the mentorship I am currently undertaking and enjoying immensely.


Andrew said...

Tamsin - very nice dog. That goes without saying. I mean very nice print of dog.

I'm having my first foray into the blog so hope my comment reaches you and more activity ensues.


anne said...

Great blog-dog Tamsin !Fingers crossed I can get this comment up.

michael said...

Hi Tamsin, Another virgin blogger. Be gentle.
Your black dog talks in his sleep. Can't say the same for the sketched dog from your website. It's just a good sketch of a dog. michael

lyndel miller said...

Hi everyone, another virgin blogger, love that michael..thankyou tasmin for taking this initative,a great step to make us little more computer savvy....I have someones linocut tools, it has been haunting me as you know i havent been down..apologies cant wait to visit again..such a wonderful additive to my existence..ideas your work tasmin!!

anne said...

Good old MB keeping us on our critical toes….does raise the question “How can we avoid making the blog a list of “great, fantastic, love that etc”?” Is it possible to make the blog interesting without being a scarey Crit session ? I’m also interested to see if blogging receives a more enthusiastic response than other CPM initiatives eg the “bored ?” board and the newsletter and even the “Bill-mission-board”…maybe we are all closet geeks and geekets and have found a new medium

esaelk said...

Hi everybody, It will be interesting to see if this works. It didn't the first time I tried.

Is anybody wondering why an artist is "cooperating with police" making inquiries into his work or why the commonwealth police are examining the same artist's work collected by the National Gallery in Canberra? Does anybody feel uneasy about talk of offenses being committed and charges being laid, or an exhibition being curated by the police, or an artist being portrayed in dog whistle fashion as a child molesting deviant? Is this just a case of officer plod stumbling into a realm beyond his comprehension and making a fool of himself?

Maybe I'm a bit paranoid and should just sit back and enjoy a dose of moral panic as a kind of civic duty. Maybe also fear is doing its work and the inexorable march towards totalitarianism continues undisturbed by the change of government. Will somebody please reassure me that I am just paranoid.


ainesse said...

I really like this printmaking artwork. The pose of the dog is lovely and reminds me of a dog I once had. Is it a collagraph? Do you guts have an etching press - I hope so.

Best wishes
with all of your endeavours


Babette Angell said...

Tamsin, I think you should follow up your idea to draw and print up our pets, My greyhound draws links to the rock art of Tasmanian Tigers. I mean to have a go, but other stuff gets in the way. Hope to eventually put up some of my NT images of rock art on my blog.
Well done for setting everything up, printing, running a business and looking after children! + dog.

michael said...

dog-lovers may be interested in Raymond Gaita's book "THE PHILOSOPHER'S DOG"
Nothat's someone else as guest speakerfor the 09 Awards.

michael said...

Thanks Bill for reminding us that it is the task of artists to go into difficult territory and sometimes live a little dangerously. I'm amazed that the police,PM, Ms Afraid & Mr H.Agenda have us witch hunting among fellow artists when our kids are being subjected to highly questionable, imaginationnumbing TV,video games and advertising.
Art does have a role to play in reminding us of the beautiful world we live in but isn't part of its role to also catch in its headlights the dark, ugly and fascist aspects of life which it is so easy to ignore, because it's legal, in the hope that they go away.
Some artists claim that it's not their job to be 'political'. I think for too long we artists have hidden sheepishly behind the skirts of 'niceness', decorating the living rooms of the comfortable and left the 'too hard ' subjects to the writers and artists of Cambodia, Chile, Redfern, etc, etc...