Tuesday, March 1, 2011



Heather Matthew said...

what happened to the poor crow?

Babette Angell said...

I think the crow should come back - it was such a great evocative drawing, and crows are a symbol of death. The last drawing with the crow seemed to work.

michael said...

Hi Heather & Babette. Thanks for your concern about the crow. Good news! It's no longer poor, hence the loss of its materiality.
Another way of answering you is that the crow is still there but not so visible.
I have this desire to let go of the visible in my drawings, probably in the hope that i'll discov the secret formula for invisibility.

jo olive said...

Hi Michael,

Must say that I like the crow in it's new guise just as much as it's former self. For me the interest is in the act of CONCEALing in order to be REVEALing, often what is not shown is as profound as the shown. I'm rediscovering the joy of drawing (my way of drawing) again - may share some soon!

Cheers, Jo.

michael said...

thanks for that, jo. at the risk of 'scratching your back' i'm looking forward to seeing the 'real you' drawings. sounds like you'll qualify for the naked artists society with an attitude to art like that.
see you at E's to explain.

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