Monday, November 1, 2010

Studio Space Bogangar

This my studio space in my garage where there now is no room for a car. I'm assisted by my 2 helpers, Sammy (white) and Gypsy (Brindle), who both know the words "Studio Time" and rush out to wait for me to lift up the door.

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michael said...

artistThe two dogs guarding/sharing/waiting in your space reminded me of the book Edith lent me about a philosophy professor and his wolf.I'll ask Edith if you can have it next.
found myself in the pet shop yesterday looking at the canaries. Not to buy, although if I did I would let them out to have a few brief moments amongst the trees before a cat took them. they are so fragile - inbred - had human itervention written all over. The philosopher's definition of "human" is 'we are the animals that believe the stories we tell about ourselves. Humans are credulous animals.'I agree. I have an extraordinary ability to delude myself wheras the wolf/dog .....
The author writes beautifully about the ape as a master of cost benefit analysis while the wolf watches.
loved your Xmas card and look forward to a walk on Caba. beach soon.