Friday, April 23, 2010


Nine weeks later, nine contributors, and the Living Wall at CPM continues to grow.
Paper is available for 'Edge' comments plus plenty of space on the wall for personal 'edge' marks & linkages. All welcome!
" 'I don't see (inspiration) as a state of grace,' writes Gabriel Garcia Marquez, ' nor as a breath from heaven, but as the moment when, by tenacity & control, you are at one with your theme...You spur the theme on & the theme spurs you on too...All obstacles fade away, all conflict disappears, things you never dreamt of occur to youand, at that moment, there is absolutely nothing in the world better than writing' ". (drawing ) JMCoetzee. Diary of a Bad Year.

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Babette Angell said...

Great work Michael. I'll add a bit more on my return to the Tweed to add to the works or do another.