Sunday, August 10, 2008

Exhibition - Recent Works

Exhibition – Recent Works by artist Gabriela Soelkner is opening Saturday 9 August at 3 pm and continues until 7 September 2008 at the CPM gallery, Bray Park, Murwillumbah.
Recent Work is an exhibition of woodcut prints and mixed media drawings inspired by icebergs, with their hidden immensity beneath the surface, and the exposed ' tip of the iceberg.'

For more information on this exhibition & to view the artworks online, visit our website


michael said...

Having seen this exhibition twice I found myself wondering why, when the drawn line is so expressive, direct & can be so spontaneous, we make prints. I can only assume it is because prints can be editioned (sometimes) & therefore be distributed to a wider public for a larger $gain. I think that from now on i'm going to draw exclusively & only use print when the drawing calls for a stamped mark. Am I missing something?

michael said...

Apologies to Gabriela.
The drawings in her exhibition - so direct, expressive, spontaneous, felt & identifiable with the immensity of the subject - prompted me to make the earlier comment. ( and that doesn't mean her prints are inferior )
I thank her for reminding me how beautiful drawings can be.